Summary reminder


  • Your child’s hair once a week
  • Use a proper detection comb - with teeth no more than 0.3mm apart to trap head lice and white in colour so they can easily be seen
  • If you find live lice, consult a pharmacist for treatment advice
  • If head lice are spotted, take a close look at all the family, including yourself, and ask close family and friends to check as well


  • Only treat if live lice are identified
  • Combing through the hair when wet, or after applying a conditioner, may make the process more comfortable
  • Leave the treatment on for the recommended time for maximum effect – leaving it on for longer will not make it more effective


  • Check that all head lice have gone within 2-3 days of the final application to complete the treatment
  • If the pack instructions specify that a second application is required, repeat the treatment for a second time seven days after the first to kill any lice that may hatch from eggs during that time
  • Continue to check for head lice on a regular, weekly basis

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